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Tools to get kids reading!

Inspiring a life-long love of reading

From books, audiobooks, read aloud videos and animations, from activity ideas for kids and parents can do at home, to school workshops, our passion is to inspire curiosity and creativity, and a life-long love of reading.

Kids and parents love the

‘Adventures with Abba’


"My favorite part of breakfast is listening to a chapter. I’ve listened to chapter six of Creepy Cave so many times I know all the words.”

- Asa, 9 years old

"The books are super funny. Listening and reading along has helped me learn English and that will help me be a doctor when I grow up.”

- Aria, 11 years old

“For all 3 kids, vocabulary improved dramatically within 2 weeks of watching and reading along. Now my 7-year old is reading at a 4th grade level."

- Johanna, Mum of 3

About Abba and her books

Introducing Abba, also known as S.B. Goncarova, who specializes in creating books and video content to inspire young minds to explore fascinating subjects like art, music, science, math, and creative writing. Interested in discovering how Abba brings these books and videos to life? Just ask!

Read along with us!

Join So-So, Lina, Adam, Abba and Caruso as they uncover the secret of the Abba’s latest mysterious (and exploding) musical invention brewing in the kitchen...

Paperback Picture Book

Read Aloud Video



Perfect for Ages 4-6

Super Sleuth

Join Abba and So-So on a wild ride across the ocean, and into a giant sequoia forest, where they uncover a (seriously) Creepy Cave. Who (or what) could be making that ominous roaring snoring sound from deep within the cave? And what other surprises does the cave hold for our two explorers?

The Curious Case of the Creepy Cave

Paperback Edition

Read Aloud Video


Perfect for Ages 6-9

Know the answer to the Secret Code? All correct answers get a 3-book box set

and a handmade Carsuo Plushie!

The Secret Code of the Heartbeat Drum (2nd Edition)

So-So’s practicing for a school concert tonight. Her first ever! Oh yeah, and her whole entire extended family is coming! No pressure! Can So-So’s Aunt Abba and the super-handsome (but perpetually grumpy) tuxedo cat Caruso save the day?

Available as:

Hardback and Paperback Book

Read Aloud Video


Perfect for Ages 8-11

The Adventures with Abba Series is now available on:



Coming soon on: Kids

Barnes & Noble


Audible for Kids

Kobo Audio

How to create a Video Book

School Workshop

Learn about all the part of the process of creating a narrated chapter book and making it come to life.

WEEk one

Storytelling techniques, world building and character development

Kids create their own characters and develop storylines.


Writing & Design

Flesh out scenes, polish writing and create illustrations.


Practice & Performance

Developing character voices, comedic timing, deep listening.


Editing & sound effects

VIdeo editing basics, foley work, using sound libraries


Music, Mastering, and Showcase

Musical character motifs and building emotion through music. Polishing and presentation!